The Best E Liquid Flavours


Just like your favourite soft drink, the flavours you choose to vape are a personal choice. There is no right or wrong answer but we find that there are some flavour profiles that keep vapers coming back, time and time again.

If you’re new to vaping, we’re going to assist you in choosing the right eliquid, pointing you in the right direction and making your choice much easier. The flavours we outline below won’t be for everyone but they’re a good start.

Tobacco Flavours

Believe it or not, some people actually enjoy the taste and smell of tobacco; and for that reason, tobacco flavoured eliquids remain very popular. Of course, the chemistry of vaping is never going to allow you to experience that smoky sensation that you may love but some of these flavours are going to be the next best thing.

  • We would suggest going for a mild tobacco initially – the stronger flavours are very powerful, even for the most ardent of smokers.
  • These e liquids tend to smell very strong which might not be great for the more self-conscious vapers among you.
  • We would suggest starting at a low level in terms of nicotine content, maybe 6mg before working your way up if required.

Menthol Flavours

Who doesn’t like mints? Menthol flavour juices are another big favourite and for good reason. If you like extra strong mints that really dance on your taste buds, you will love some of the stronger menthol flavours that some companies have to offer.

Some even go one step further and add a twist to their flavours. Some of the best menthols out there contain aniseed and eucalyptus – trust us, you will love them.

  • Whether you have a thing for spearmint or peppermint, there’ll be a juice for your tastes.
  • These juices are great for resetting your taste buds and even getting strong flavours out of your tanks.


Another huge flavour profile. Who doesn’t love the thought of vaping on custard or a chocolate gateau? You name it, this dessert flavour profile has it – perfect for those of us with a sweet tooth.

It should be noted that these flavours will wear out your coils the quickest as they’re usually very dark in colour. Vape sparingly and maybe turn down the wattage if you want your coils to last.

  • Feel free to jump straight up to 18mg if you need that much nicotine, dessert juices are usually pretty light on the throat.
  • The same flavours often taste very different between brands so try a few.

Find Your Vape Supplier

Vaping has officially gone mainstream. The good news for you is that there will be no shortage of vaping suppliers in your locality. A great range of juices as well as other accessories can be bought from but there are literally hundreds of other suppliers in the market place. You will also find that costs vary greatly so be sure to shop around for value for money.

Whatever your tastes, there is sure to be an e juice that is right for you.

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