Samsung is going to take leap with new generation of Samsung Galaxy S9


Since the iPhone started reigning the world of smartphones a few years ago, it was very complicated that some other competing manufacturer could live up to design and innovation, but no doubt Samsung was very close. Now with the lag of Apple, and with the improvement in its high range of cell phones, Samsung surprises us with the new models of the S8 generation. These new models despite bearing the stigma of the failed Note 7, gives us many exciting features that put now as the best cell phone that can be found on the market. And, now the leap is going to be by the next Samsung Galaxy S9.

Let’s start with the design, now Samsung completely decided to eliminate the flat version of the Galaxy and focus only on the Edge version, so the two versions of this generation of S8 (S8 and S8 +) already have curved edges on both sides, making an elegant and novel cell phone, which gradually leaves the edges of its predecessors. Also the physical button disappears from the home, leaving a sensor sensitive to the touch so that we do not lose that feeling of this key. We don’t expect any design change in the next Samsung Galaxy S9.

The new display called Infinity Display adds the AMOLED technology of its predecessor, without logos and without anything physical, as well as a certification for HDR content, which makes the display very clear and above all the height of the contents of the currently, so you will not have to battle to see our videos in 4k. Are you worried that the screen will crash? Do not worry, the gorilla glass 5 of the screen gives you a very good protection against impacts and falls, so it will withstand several spontaneous blows that we give in the day to day. It also includes dust and water protection up to one meter deep for 30 minutes. The Samsung Galaxy S9 can also be water proof just like S8.

But what about the other buttons and sensors from past generations, the power and volume buttons are located on the ends of the cell phone together with the new button in the Bixby wizard, which we’ll talk about later. So also keep the jack of physical headphones, leaving aside the radical idea of ​​Apple and no longer include it in their computers. The only changes that this S8 generation suffers are that the fingerprint sensor is just behind, to one side of the rear camera, where it also follows the pulse sensor. Also for the front camera is added the iris and face scan to add greater security to the computer. The wireless load stays on the computer, but now we will change the USB jack, as we will jump to the USB-C, which is a step further to the standardization of this new format of USB. USB C can also be the part of next Samsung Galaxy S9.


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