Removal of scars an easy bet


Scars are an annoying symptom making you lose your self- confidence. Though no scars facewash for mens have stormed the market you need to understand the reasons there are simple home remedies contributing to reduction of scars. Let us go through them as follows

Onion extract

If you do not mind the stinky feeling then the home remedy is the right one for you. In just a matter of few weeks onion extracts will reduce the scars and that too after daily usage. For fighting acne this is an excellent home remedy. It is going to reduce redness, soreness and fights inflammation.


No list is complete without the mention of honey as it ends up receiving constant mentioning. The moisturizing effects do make it a popular remedy as part of your skin care regime. No scars face Facewash reviews suggests honey is the main ingredient in most cosmetic products. Once you end up mixing honey with cinnamon it works out to be a great form of skin care treatment making your skin clear and smooth.


If you are looking to lighten your scar, then lemon appears to be a great choice. It is embedded with AHA stating the fact that it has healing properties that your skin needs in abundance.

Also referred to as natural bleach, it provides the elasticity of the skin back and contributes to better cell growth. You can opt for your AHA movement with a little bit of lemon. Just cut the lemon into half and rub it over the region of the scar. You might have to squeeze the lemon on to the scar for around 15 minutes. Then dab it with cool water to rinse off.

Essential oils

From carrot seed to lavender oil the use of essential oils once again is going to be dependent upon the severity of the scar. To mix oils might work out to be a great option. An example in this regard would be to try lavender with rose oil and an aromatic moisturizer that would help to heal the scar. A point to remember is only essential oils with typical carrier oil is to be used.

Shea better

You would be really interested to know how Shea better helps women to get rid of stretch marks. Now the question is why it would not work on scars. Just apply it on a daily basis and you can see the positive effects on the skin. Another point of consideration is you just need to use the refined version. By refined it means any portion of nutrients that have been destroyed or broken. The store brought brands are irritating as they have a host of addictive’s along with fragrance.

To conclude the skin is constantly under the influence of environmental issues with our changing lifestyles have a role to play. This makes it really difficult to understand on how the shape of our skin works out to be.

You need to draw an analysis about your skin type to take the plunge ahead

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