Physiological Issues of Pregnancy


As your baby is growing inside you, your body is uninterruptedly going through enormous changes. Some of these changes definitely include digestive issues. The second trimester of your pregnancy mostly encounters such issues. Morning sickness fades away however as your baby grows.

Ways to Combat Digestive Problems in Pregnancy :

A slower rate of digestion is mainly due to the pregnancy hormones. Also the walls of the intestine and the muscles involved play a major role. Digestion is greatly balance dance you are not only eating for yourself but also a life inside you.

  • Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of pure clean dirt and germ free water on an average everyday, can reduce indigestion invariably.
  • Eating foods which are rich in fibre like vegetables, legumes, whole grains, fruits etc. speeds up your metabolic process. This will keep constipation at bay, keeping a motion of foods in your digestive tract.
  • Exercising for at least 20 minutes a day can greatly improve your mood and also the health of your digestive system. It will not only speed up your metabolism but will also spare you from constipation problems during pregnancy.
  • Stress is a great enemy of metabolism. Stress lowers metabolism and causes indigestion. Try out effective stress management techniques for lower levels of stress during pregnancy.
  • Good fats are definitely essential. But always keep in mind while consuming fat rich foods, as excessive amounts of fat or the non essential fat can reduce your metabolism. True that you need more nutrition and energy at this time but do remember to eat right.
  • Substitute protein rich food and dietary fibre rich food with the excessive sugar and the refined carbohydrates on your platter. This will definitely help you curing your indigestion.
  • A proper diet is fully effective when you take proper amounts of food at the proper time. A scheduled eating is directly proportional to the speed of your metabolism.
  • Consuming in smaller proportions but repeatedly with a certain time gap can is your metabolism and also fasten it. Digesting an enormous amount of food takes a lot of time.
  • Which mother doesn’t want the best for her baby? Hands for those 9 months of gestation you can easily give up your habits of smoking or drinking if any. Researches have proved that both drinking and smoking during this time can cause ulcers and digestive infections. Also these can have an impact on the physical and mental development of the child in your womb. Yes a healthy and happy pregnancy is possible without these bad habits.
  • A good posture like sitting with your back straight, standing straight, can enormously help you with your digestive problems. Do not ever try to skip your morning routines at the toilet. However you can obviously go for pregnancy digestion medicines for an intensive care.

Maintaining a HealthyDiet can keep SeizureSymptoms at bay :

Since every mother is unique, for the epileptic pregnant women seizure symptoms are more and less common. In few cases however seizure symptoms lessen. Epilepsy medicines during pregnancy prescribed by professionals effectively reduces the number of seizures.

Women who does not get proper amount of sleep or proper diet and even are deprived of medications can encounter seizure symptoms.

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