The sole reason why remote telemetry was devised was to ensure that data could be collected and transmitted from places that are ordinarily too remote, inaccessible or hazardous for human beings to access. Telemetry also takes care of data collection and transmission on a continuous basis rather than in a batch mode that is typical of a human reading. The automated process ensures continuous, often on a real time, data collection making analysis and trend spotting easier so that decision-making is more informed, better, and swifter.

Mobile telemetry solutions easily today represent the smartest way of automating the various businesses and manufacturing processes that require continuous data inputs. The data is first collected automatically by data loggers and then transmitted at periodic intervals or in a continuous stream over a communications network. The data transmission may be done with the help of wired connectivity or with the use of wireless devices. In an automated network, the data is exchanged between machines without any human intervention that could have resulted in errors of commission and omission creeping into the process. Usage of telemetry has a number of benefits, as explained below:

Improvement of Business Efficiency

Almost all businesses will find enough opportunity for using wireless telemetry solutions in its day to day operations. These can range from simple automated attendance recording systems linked to the payroll to the complex chemical analysis readings in process industries. The use of mobile telemetry assures users of an information flow that is continuous, secure, and error-free. This makes business operations more efficient as the work efficiency increases and there is no need for buffers or allowances to be kept. There is no need for the intervention of human beings to record, collect and transmits data – a process that invariably tends to distort or corrupt some vital data due to errors.

Reduction of Operational Cost

One of the major advantages of using remote telemetry is that all pertinent data can be collected for analysis and decision-making without needing to rely on human beings to physically record the readings and transmit the data to the specified location or recipient. Businesses stand to benefit enormously by not using own or outsourced personnel because there are no more salaries to pay and no need for persons to physically travel to distant locations or even pay huge sums for their safety and security. You can read about the cost reduction achieved by many customers by visiting the website of Mobile Telemetry LLC.

Higher Precision Levels

With advancement of technology, sensor sensitivity and ruggedness have come a long way and the telemetry devices can now achieve unprecedented levels of accuracy of data readings even in the face of extremely challenging environmental conditions and distances. The large number of data readings that can be automatically recorded provides a better base for trends to be analyzed and decisions are thus made on a more superior level of information based on actual reality. The level of accuracy however depends to a great extent on the quality of the data logger and telemetry devices, and how well they are set up.

Easier Record Maintenance

Among the biggest benefits of adopting a sophisticated telemetry system is the feature of integrated recording facility that acts as the repository of the collected data. If at any point of time you need to refer to historical records for comparison or otherwise, you can very easily access them from pretty much anywhere in the world with your log in credentials if the telemetry system is connected with the Internet. For systems that are standalone, you do not need any Internet connectivity to access the records and this can be real bonus as you do not need to worry about the availability of the net connection.

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