Mining With Ease – High-Performance Pumps


Mining is a resource-intensive task that requires quite a lot of manpower and time. Added to that, areas aren’t always that viable in mining wherein the material to be moved is solid and loose. In many instances, liquids and trapped gases can create a form of natural slurry that hinders mining machines. In other cases, where there’s a lot of hard, tightly packed deposits to be removed, then it might become necessary to use water to soften up the site to help in removal. Irrespective of the situation, wherever liquids and slurries are involved, it makes sense to use a pump. This facilitates faster and better removal of material. Tools like Prestige Universal Mining Pumps are your one-stop-shop solution for anything concerned with pumps used in the mining sector.

It is to be clearly understood that mining pumps are very different than normal pumps. Compared to normal pumps, the power and suction force offered by them are much higher, thus enabling better clearance of sludge, slurry and other unwanted material from the mining site. Based on where the mining is being done and the material being removed, the quality and type of pump used will be different. It might be a problem if you end up choosing a type of equipment not suited for the task. Thus, taking the advice of and consulting with an expert about this is a much better idea than going by hearsay.

Just buying a reliable and good pump doesn’t mean that everything is ensured to go smoothly in the mining operation. What happens if midway there’s any kind of complication with the pump or parts thereof? Looking around for reliable help is the least reliable thing to do. At PUMP, once you procure a pump, for any purpose, you get complete support for the product ensuring you don’t have to be reliant on anyone else in case of any emergency. This support includes, but isn’t limited to site visits, consultation, custom tweaking, spare parts and servicing of products sold. This kind of holistic approach by PUMP towards customer satisfaction ensures every operation using their products can focus more on business and worry less about the equipment.

There are primarily five types of pumps available with the company. You can choose the one that best fits your requirements, or you can let PUMP experts suggest you the device that can operate in the best manner for your needs. Apart from pumps, you can also avail motor rewinding services that are done in-house. Even if you’re overhauling old equipment, it doesn’t hurt to have a second opinion. Who knows, maybe the motor can have a new lease of life. Even if you have equipment that’s not bought through them, you can consult with experts about making your operation even better through efficient use of the machinery involved. In case you don’t want to outright purchase a pump or are unsure about the longevity use of the product, you can even hire heavy-duty pumps for a short period of time. Along with pumps, you can even purchase pressure cleaners and industrial misting systems.

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