How to Stay in Constant Worship


The modern world is one that is full of fast-moving distractions. There are temptations and diversions everywhere you look, and it can be very difficult to stay in constant prayer and worship. To live a healthy and godly life, you need to make sure you are staying constantly mindful of the Lord above. You need to be in the world but not of the world. However, it can be very difficult to do so with all of the modern distractions. Fortunately, much of the modern technology and distractions can also be used for godly purposes. Television and movies are the most obvious examples. They are full of message and themes that do not bring you closer in your relationship with God. However, the accessibility and ubiquity of television and movies can be used for worship as well.

Christian DVDs

While you might only have time to attend church once a week or even less, you don’t have to be far from Christian worship and messages. If you buy Christian films in the UK, you will have access to sermons and messages anytime you need them. You’ll be able to connect with other believers and preachers just by turning on your television. Christian DVDs are useful since they give you access to great sermons whenever you need them. If you are feeling tempted and drawn away from the Lord, you can put in a DVD and be pulled closer to Him.

DVDs also allow you to preserve certain messages. For example, if you are feeling insecure about your financial situation, you can go in search of a sermon about finances. When you find a great sermon about finances, you can then buy the DVD, which means you’ll be able to experience that message. Also, you’ll be able to revisit that message any time you are feeling insecure about your finances.

Supporting a Church

Buying DVDs is not only about your spiritual enrichment. Buying DVDs also helps the church and the pastor who make the DVDs. Running a business is part of being in the world since it is required to keep yourself afloat. However, being in the world does not mean you have to be of the world. To avoid such a fate, Christian businesses seek to glorify the Lord with their business. Selling DVDs with Christian messages is a way to do so.

Companies develop the funds to keep themselves and their families afloat while also spreading Christian message around the world. If you want to support a church but you can’t get to the church as often as you’d like, buying from a Christian business is a great option. Buying from a Christian business also affords you a chance to enrich your spiritual life. It is positive thing for everyone involved, for you will help Christians and draw nearer to God in the process.

There are DVD sermons concerning just about every topic imaginable. No matter what you are going through, there is likely someone who has gone through it as well. There is always a preacher that has been moved by the Spirit to bring that message.

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