How to Pop the Question in Style


You have found the girl of your dreams. Now, you want to make sure that you pop the question in a way that is memorable and meaningful. By working with a proposal planner, you can ensure that the moment will indeed be special. A bespoke marriage proposal service can help you plan a proposal that can be as extravagant as you wish.

How a Proposal Planning Service Can Help

Because planning a proposal can take time, you need to make sure that the process is also stress-free. That is why a proposal planning service can greatly assist you in this respect. You can work with this type of company in one of three ways.

  1. Have the Service Come up with Some Concepts

One way is to have the service come up with two or more ideas that have been personalised to your relationship. You can then take the concepts and plan a proposal yourself or you can choose the plan that you like best and have the service take care of the details.

Make sure that the company with whom you work is well-experienced in planning. The company should have an international reputation and access to a large number of proposal locations. If you have the company come up with the proposal ideas, the service will reduce the cost if you decide to plan the proposal on your own.

  1. Have the Company Plan the Entire Proposal

Maybe you have absolutely no idea about how best to plan your proposal. Some people, too, do not have the resources or time to plan a proposal themselves.

A Note about the Cost:

If you are worried about cost, be aware that proposal planning services can range from £500 to £150,000. Typically, the average price spent is £500. Therefore, services of this type can work within a range of budgets.

  1. Choose From Popular Proposals

Dream proposals can also be planned by choosing amongst a proposal company’s popular proposals. When you use this option, you can select from proposals that former clients have repeatedly requested. Therefore, you can shortlist your favourites and make a decision from these choices.

For instance, one of the popular proposals that is often requested is a musical serenade. When this proposal is selected, you can propose to the love of your life whilst she is being serenaded with a favourite song. No matter the venue, the proposal service can arrange for a professional singer and or musician to provide the entertainment. The price increases, based on the number of singers or entertainers.

For this proposal, two songs will be played or sung by the performers as well as one song of your choosing. You can pick the location as well. Other extras include flowers, a photographer, champagne, or a videographer.

How About a Picnic in the Park?

A romantic picnic is another proposal idea that is popular. This proposal features a selection of food and beverage choices and includes a permit for picnicking in public places. You can choose a picnic spot that is undercover or indoors. For this proposal, you can also choose a singer for a serenade. A photographer can be part of the package too.

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