How Should You Store Dog Food Hypoallergenic Brands at Home


Most pet owners are not sure how to store dog food if they have an allergic dog at home. Experts say dog parents should first purchase dog food that has been specially made for hypoallergenic dogs. This food is available in both dry and wet dog food variants. When it comes to storing them, make sure you follow the tips that have been mentioned below so that the dog food remains fresh for a long time, and your pet gets the wholesome nutrition needed for good health.

Keep dry and wet dog food hypoallergenic brands at home fresh

When you wish to keep dog food hypoallergenic brands at home fresh, keep the following points in mind-

  1. Store in a cool and dry environment- Dry dog food variants need to be stored in an environment that is cool and dry at home. This stops the destruction of vital minerals and vitamins. If the fats in the dog food are oxidized, this leads to the rancidity of the food. Make sure you keep dry dog food stored in their original bag as this retains their flavor. The bag also serves as a barrier to the oxidation process of fat in dog food. Make sure the temperature of the storage unit where you keep the dog food is not too hot. Never store any dog food is an uncontrolled environment outside, like the garage or outside.
  2. Never store dog food on the floor- Dog parents should note that dog food should never store dog food on the floor. This might result in a potential infestation. For wet dog food, ensure the temperature is between 50°F and 100° Canned dog food should not be stored in the fridge as this changes the texture and the taste of the food.
  3. Plastic containers- Many dog parents often buy big packets of dog food and wonder if they can be taken out and stored in smaller units like an airtight container or zip lock bags. Research has shown that dog food stored in plastic containers or zip lock bags often develops an odor, and this affects its taste as well. Moreover, they do not stop the accumulation of fat in the unit or the bag. It is prudent to choose good metal containers in its original bag to protect the food. Buy a metal container that is big enough to keep the original dog food bag.
  4. Open cans of wet dog food- In case you have opened a big can of wet dog food and still have some leftover, use plastic lids that are specially designed to cover pet food. Buy a lid that fits the can opening so that the wet dog food remains fresh till the next meal.

Therefore, when it comes to storing dog food hypoallergenic brands, make sure you keep the above in mind. These tips will help you store both wet and dry dog food safely. Your dog will get no foul odor or taste like the food will always be fresh at his meal-times.

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