Grow a Passion for Purity- Suggestion From Pastor Ron Hindt


The world may give you all the pleasures that satisfy your senses, yet a lot of people feel a kind of void within themselves, emptiness, and an incompleteness, the source of which is difficult to identify. It is true that with the evolution of man, the standard of living has evolved too; but the sad truth is that the world is drowning in everything that is unethical, ungodly. This is reason the leaders of the church and people like Pastor Ron Hindt are urging people to grow a passion for purity.

People are seen to be passionate about a lot of things but a clean heart; it has become very easy to indulge and submerge yourself in activities that quench the thirst of your brain and body. But what about your soul? It is this uncleanness of the soul that makes one feel that something is missing in your life.

Shunning the presence of God from your life does not let you live in peace, irrespective of the fact that you may have all the riches of the world. This present situation of the world bears witness to what Jesus had said while He lived among men,” what does it profit a man to gain the entire world at the loss of his soul?”. Truly, there is no joy in your life if you do not have the joy of the Lord with you.

What Pastor Ron Hindt Says About Joy and Christianity?

To bring that joy into your life you should develop a wanting for the Lord and strive to improve your relation with Him. God is an extremely loving and merciful father, he is always waiting with open arms to embrace anyone who goes to Him with the desire to stay with Him. This love of God has been revealed to man time and again throughout the Bible, the purest form of god’s word.

When one reads these words and imitates them in his life, he will surely grow the passion for purity that Pastor Ron Hindt speaks with such conviction. The verses of the Holy Bible are a narration of the life before the coming of the Son of God, Jesus; the life of Jesus while he lived as the son of man; and the life that will be after the Judgment Day. There is an entire book called ‘Revelations’ in the Bible that vividly describes Heaven and gives a detailed description of the things that are going to be there.

The purity of heaven is reveled in this book, reading which people should be encouraged to themselves live a pure and holy life that will make them eligible for eternal bliss in the house of God. It is none the less that every individual should desire to live a chaste life as far as possible; doing this you will notice that you will most definitely become a happier and more satisfied person. It can hence be concluded that your happiness lies in your hands, God has given you the free will to chose between right and wrong, good and bad, now is the time for you to decide.

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