Freedom Is Not Free: Evolve Studio


Is freedom really something we can label as ‘free’? The debate, sparking a popular American idiom, plays on the idea that those have fought and died making the U.S a free nation but are we really free from war, hate and prejudice. And in one way, freedom is free, because Americans have the right to do just about anything we want to do. We can be Christian, Baptist, Catholic, or any other type of belief and it doesn’t matter. We also have freedom of speech, which is something we take for granted at times. We emphasize the Free part of freedom, as if it doesn’t have a price, it costs us 1.8 million veterans to be where we are today.

All of that wasn’t just handed to the country, we had to fight for it. Thousands of people died and were injured during those wars. I want to thank all of the veterans and all of the people fighting in the war that is still happening to this day. Without the marines, the army, the navy, and the air force we probably would not be a free nation. Those people are the true heroes because they are willing to fight to their death just to keep the U.S a free nation. The people who join the army probably don’t get the best meals or the best shelter and bedding but they tough it up. To fight for what we call freedom today.

Evolve Studio has worked closely with ESPN to create a chilling and inspiring short film on Memorial Day. In which they address the heroes and the nameless that died for our freedom.

Memorial Day began in 1868, in which the United stated of America honored the falling soldiers of the civil war, decorating graves with flowers to heal a suffered nation. This day – even today- is such a massive part of honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice for America.

This short film is based on a young man named, ‘Jesse’ who joined the army at 18 to support his infant son. In 2011, they came upon a scene in Afghanistan, where they were ambushed and attacked by the Taliban. Jesse didn’t make it, at only 20 years old, he left his 2-year-old son, all in the name of the country.

Evolve Studio uses a range of camera angles and a set of scenes that really make the audience think about how grateful they should be that they have the freedom to be the way they want. They include scenes of family time and war to show the contrast of a dystopian reality our soldiers endure to ensure we have the best future as a country. And to remember every sacrifice, every family member lost, and the grave being decorated on Memorial Day, out of respect for our heroes.

The filmmakers would like to thank Auneta Southern, Diamond J Ranch, and the friends and family of Jesse Dietrich, who raised an exceptional young man and let us tell a small piece of his story.

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