Features Which Makes S8 Awesome


According to some reports, Samsung has sold about 5 million units of Galaxy S8. It has been well known that this piece of Samsung curved cell phones was sold like hot cakes. There were many reasons behind this success and this flagship cell phone was really fantastic. There are many features with whom users are familiar but still, there are some features which are not well known. Just like Xiaomi mi 6, there are also many features in Samsung Galaxy S8 which need to be known. Some best features of Galaxy S8 are as below:


In Galaxy S8 you can select the clock type. There are different options which are available here and you can choose the one which you like. You can select a clock type by 6 given options. Now it is up to you that you want a world clock, an analog clock, Digital clock, Image, Calendar or Edge Clock, select the option you want most. These options will allow you to set the things as you want.

Edge Panel

In Samsung galaxy S8, there is also the option if you want to customize the edge panel. You are not bound to follow the same pattern but you can change the edge panel from options. For this purpose, you have to go to app settings and then select the edge panel options. You want to turn it on or off from the options.

App drawer

There are many people who want to have the clear screen. Sometimes it is the best or most eye catching wallpaper which tends you to select this. But you have no idea that how to remove the apps from home screen. For this purpose go to the home screen options and select the Home Screen Only feature. This will allow you to get rid of apps at the home screen.

Navigation Bar

There is an ultimate best option which you cannot deny without praising. This feature allows a person to have the click at the right options as you are habitual. For instance in Samsung, you can find Recent-Home-Back alignment but in other devices, the order is changed. So if you want to change the navigation order in Samsung then you have to go to Apps Settings then Go to Display Settings and then Navigation Bar. It can change your options in other order which is Back- Home-Recent.

These are only some features of Samsung S8 but many other features are waiting for you. You can find it a useful device. Just when other companies like Apple, Xiaomi, ONE Plus, and Google are offering smart phones, Samsung is the one which is offering the spectacular devices at the same time.

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