Fascinating Designs that Suit Any Kind of Pearl and Provides a Stylish Look


Pearls are the purest gem which is produced from a living creature and not from the mines or underground. Pearls are cultivated with lot of efforts and some are really expensive due to the fact that it takes years for them to grow in an oyster shell. Natural or cultivated pearls, each has its own charm and lustre. Once anyone sets an eye on it, can never let it go, that’s what pearl is all about. 

Pearls are not only gems, but they are also considered auspicious for those who believe in astrology. Pearl is the defeater of Moon; therefore if any horoscope indicates sufferings due to Moon, they are suggested to wear pearl rings. With size and shape its value increases. It is very rare to get round-pearl because one cannot identify what shape an irritant will take inside a shell. That is why round shape pearls are expensive than baroque and semi baroque shape pearls.

Pearl is one gem that can be worn with any attire. A single strand of pearl necklace can go elegantly with a formal outfit and the same necklace can also complement an ethnic wear. It’s a myth that pearl accessories are won only on special occasions. 

Here are some outstanding designs that suit any kind of occasion and can become inspiration for many – 

  • Combine pearls and seed beads together to prepare a neck piece that is elegant and simple. This can be won with a dress or top that has broad neck and you can show off your neckline. 
  • There are fashionable pendants that can be changed into earrings and worn accordingly. This pearl accessory is lot in demand.
  • The length of pearl necklaces can be customized depending upon the neck design of your attire. 
  • A combination of pearls, bicones and seed beads will make a remarkable set of earrings that gets everyone’s attention. 
  • Special occasions like cocktail party or your daughter’s graduation party can become exclusive for her if she wears a necklace which is a combination of pearls and other shiny beads on a plain dress with broad neckline. Make a necklace piece with multi-colored flowers with pearl drops in the centre of every flower piece. 

All these designs are breathtaking and eye catching. There may be many other trendy ways of presenting pearls in the fashion world. Don’t just go for same old simple style of single strand of pearl necklace, but look for more ideas online and explore the fashion world. 

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