Effective but Easy Ways to Avoid Heat Stroke in Hot Months


Your body retains water naturally for ongoing processes, mechanisms, and reactions. On the other hand, it is losing the water through urination and sweating. Body becomes dehydrated if it continuously losses more water than total intake. The ultimate outcomes of this event include shock, cramp, kidney failure and several other serious issues. Buy a water bottle at an affordable price with Noon promo code Dubai and stay hydrated. This is the easiest approach but you can also find other ways to avoid consequences of dehydration.

Special Note–People above the age of 60 are at higher risk of dehydration. This risk strengthens if they have other medical conditions.

What about Heat Exposure?

One of the leading causes of dehydration is heat, especially in the hot months. High fever, diarrhea, and vomiting also prompt the loss of water in the body. People using laxative and diuretic medicines also have higher chances of dehydration.

Follow these steps to ensure maximum water retention:

  1. Drink more water after short intervals. Ask your doctor about the minimum quantity of water intake on a daily basis.
  2. Choose foods containing a high quantity of water. For example, eating vegetables and fruits helps to balance the water in the body.
  3. Limit tobacco, caffeine and other ingredients. Also avoid soft drinks, teas and coffees.
  4. Avoid or limit the use of alcohol.

Change Your Lifestyle:

A simple change in lifestyle helps to prevent dehydration. Scientific research studies concluded that people using more soft drinks, teas and coffees require more water in order to balance. In contrast, people who drink only water or eat fruits such as watermelon can retain the water in body for longer. It’s all about water retention. Find more ways to ensure minimum loss of water from the body.

Cover Yourself When Going Out:

Covering the body with a light fabric or piece of cloth especially in the hot months is good. See the people in Arab or Asian countries. They regularly cover the head, neck and mouth when leaving for work. This is to avoid the direct heat stroke. Exposure to heat is dangerous especially when it is hot outside.

Buy Some Accessories:

Experts recommend the water bottles, hats, goggles and other accessories in order to avoid the negative consequences of heat. Saving your skin from the direct sunlight can minimize the sweating. It is also important to purchase stainless steel water bottles. Apply your Noon promo code dubai right now and buy the best quality water bottles. These bottles will let you safe from the dehydration.

Increase Use of Citric Acid:

Well, it is about use of lemon in simple words. Lemon has magical effects and it helps to prevent heat stroke. What about a glass of cold water and lemon juice? This will surely prevent the risk of cramps, heat stroke and other issues. It is also suggested to store lemon juice + Sugar + Saltin a bottle. Drink a few sips from this mixture and stay fresh. This mixture helps to restore sugar and salt level in the body.

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