Safety first! That should be every driver’s motto, and as a driver you should provide an example and protect yourself as well as other participants of the traffic. If we have to talk about alarming statistics, then you are simply not aware of the fact that when you are behind your wheel you are operating an extremely deadly machine. No matter how much you feel confident in your driving skills, you can’t be that much confident in the skills of other drivers. For this matter you have to protect yourself, and here are safety essentials that will help you make your car accident-proof.

Chose the right model

Before you buy a car you should conduct a personal research about the safety of the model you are interested in. Most modern cars have crumble-zones that will absorb a lot of energy in case of an impact. Not to advertise any model in particular, but there is a reason why parents prefer SUVs and minivans. Although a larger car doesn’t necessarily provide the safest ride, statistically it is less dangerous.

Rear-view camera

A rear view camera provides you with a total coverage of your surroundings, and by installing this handy device your blind-zone is now revealed with 46% more area presented to you on your rear-view mirror or on a tablet on your control board. This is really important, especially when you are backing up. Not to say that at this point you are not able to see the kids running, playing for any given reason standing behind your vehicle and you are responsible for their wellbeing, but you can also avoid damaging your car. Now that you can see almost everything, you will be able to estimate how far you are from certain objects accurately.

Texting and driving

Although texting while driving isn’t as dangerous as drunk driving, it is pretty much up there as a deadly risk factor. 350, 000 accidents happen every year because of texting and driving, and 20% of active drivers admit that they are using their phones almost always when they are driving. The good news is there are a lot of apps for your phone that could help you sustain from responding. By silencing your incoming calls and messages you will be less tempted to respond, and there is even an option for reading the text with automatic response for those who are simply eager to answer every text.

Regular checkups

Regular checkups don’t just add value to your car; they also keep you safe from accidents and larger costs. Replacing a part now, and after its already done a share of damage, could be a matter of hundreds of dollars, and the worst case scenario that could ever happen to you is to get on the open road, you reach a certain speed, and your brakes simply stop working because you didn’t change your oil for months or years. Being a responsible driver and a responsible owner should be the same thing.

Proper tyres

You need regular pressure checks, on a monthly basis at least. The instructions about how high pressured your tires should be depends on the model and weight of the car, so consult your manual. They need to balanced also, and make sure that you are doing this especially if you are going on a long trip, you don’t want to experience how it feels when the road beneath your tires simply disappear while you are driving 80kmph. Make sure that you have the right type of tyres for every season, whether it’s summer or winter. Find a place with the best range to make your pick, and don’t go for the cheapest one, that’s an investment that is going to pay off in the long term. Spare tyre is mandatory for every vehicle.

The last advice I have for you is to follow the law. Always have your seat belts on, drive in the speed limit and remember to pay attention to your surroundings, just because you are careful doesn’t mean everybody will be cautious too.

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