Used cars or second hand cars are much in these days. They are cheaper and also promote savings in the long run. Sometimes good cars are available for a lot cheaper prices as the owner might be in need of money. Buying a used car is not that easy and requires a detailed study in order to get it done. In today’stime the used cars are available in many places and can be easily found online. In order to have the best used car there are 5 things you need to check before buying it.

  1. Check the Car from below by Raising it to a Level:

The main parts which are liable to get damaged in a used car areit’s beneath parts. Carefully examine all the parts are good and working. Check if there is any leakage of oil. Also check that the body has no rusting. It is advised to not buy a car which has rusted body parts. Many a times there are cases where the car leaks oil only when driven. Start the engine and check if everything is performing well.

  1. Check the Hoses and the Belts:

Radiator is a very important part of the car which helps the cooling and day to day functioning of the car. Check if there are any cracks in the radiator. Check everything is fine below the hood. There are a lot of wire works which is necessary to be checked. If necessary take a mechanic along who has prior knowledge in used cars. The wiring should be checked by using all parts like lights, ac, music system, etc.

  1. Inspect the Engine:

Engine is the prime part of any car. From outside every engine looks well but aclose look will help you find flaws in it. Used cars generally have old engines and might also have certain problems in them which are actually not visible. It is necessary to get it checked by an expert. Canberra is a beautiful city which is also the capital of Australia and has seen a huge rise in the used car market. Used cars in Canberra are provided by the best dealers who have also been able to provide their consumers an excellent service post sales.

  1. Inspect the Trunk:

Another necessary thing to do is check the trunk of the car. Trunks in old cars tend to start rusting which may cause huge problems in the future resulting to cracks. This will also allow the water to enter and log there causing more harm to the body. It should be checked that the trunk area beneath the mat is fully ok and ready to last for several years ahead.

  1. Inspect the Tires and Colors of the Car:

Supervise the whole area frame of the car where the paint is. Sometimes in old cars the colors start to crack which is not visible from far. Used cars do have chances of getting these cracks. Examine the whole area very carefully. Also check the tires and the quality of the rubbers. Tires are very expensive and just after buying a used car if there is a chance of buying new tires then it might result in spending a huge amount.

The above points will help you understand the important criteria you need to check in before making your purchase for a used car.

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