Diagnosis Of Neck Pain and Treatment


Neck or cervical spine pain is the most common problem that arises due to sedentary lifestyle led by people today. This episode of pain is easily ignored mainly because the pain is short lived. On the other end if the pain reaches an excruciating point and interferes with the day to day activities then there may be an underlying medical condition.

The medical issue may even cause problems with important daily activity such as sleep. Signalling a serious condition pain may come and go or remain constant. Cervical Spine surgery treatment in india aims at treating the medical issue related to acute neck pain. However, the healing time or the degree of recovery may vary from patients to patients.

Studies have noticed that cervical spine pain is the fourth leading cause of disabilities and has the rate of its annual prevalence is growing at an alarming rate. Statistically, individuals seeking treatment for neck pain has exceeded the 30% mark.

Here are few symptoms that help identify acute neck pain:

Stiff Neck: A structure in the neck anatomy is delicate and comprises of nerve and, muscles. A tear in the ligaments and tendons may cause stiff neck or make neck movement difficult. As the cervical spine houses the spinal cord, it is the part of the body that sends messages from the brain to control the important functions. The turning of the neck is one of them.

Nearly half of the population continue to experience neck pain that has frequent occurrences making turning difficult. A stiff neck is a sign of a problem in the well-engineered structure of the cervical spine.

Radiating Pain:

The pain in the neck may appear in unusual areas while not allowing movement in all directions. The muscles in the neck if not flexible can indicate a serious medical issue. A pain can radiate up into the head or show up down the arms, arms or the fingers.


Apart from losing its flexibility in few cases the pain gets worse with soreness or tenderness in the general spot. The affected area may turn numb overtime if timely treatment is not provided. Cervical Spine surgery treatment in india offers the best treatment for such sharp or stabbing pain in the neck.


The symptoms associated with cervical spine pain may aggravate and can get even more problematic. They cause constant tingling and weakness of shoulder and such individuals experience trouble with gripping or lifting up objects. Eventually, there may be problems while walking and overall coordination affecting balance. Indicators like bowel control or loss of bladder control appear if the problems worsen the situation. The sensitive cervical spine is at risk for developing other painful conditions and is vulnerable to cancer.

The treatment with evaluated diagnosis may help arrive at the root cause of the problem. As a matter of fact some of the clinical trials have established treatment for neck pain with physical examination. They measure the extent of pain by identifying the red flags signifying extremely serious diseases such as myelopathy or metastases which are compression of the spinal cord causing blunt or penetrating trauma. In case of a high prevalence of abnormal findings that are seen in asymptomatic individuals, neurological symptoms are monitored.

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