Can I Claim After a Slip, Trip or Fall While Shopping?


Everyday in Australia many consumers are involved in incidents while out shopping in supermarkets, retail outlets and other places. A slip, trip or fall can be a minor issue or a major problem depending on what happens to the customer. If you have injured yourself while shopping, you may be entitled to compensation, the only way you’ll know for sure is to speak to a lawyer.

Avoid Doing This

When someone has slipped, tripped or fell over while out shopping, the first thing they usually do to avoid embarrassment is to jump up off the floor and dust themselves down. They feel awkward after thinking they’ve made a fool of themselves, so they get up off the ground even when they’ve hurt themselves. This is the wrong thing to do if you’ve had an accident while out shopping.

Many people get hurt because of slips, trips and falls, but most people don’t believe that they are entitled to compensation. The most important thing to do if you are involved in an accident is not to quietly move away from the area to avoid attention from other shoppers. Here are 6 basic steps to follow if you’ve had an accident while shopping.

  1. Stay on the ground and look to see if any other shoppers have witnessed the incident.
  2. If you are hurt, don’t move and call for assistance.
  3. Make sure staff members know what has happened.
  4. Once on your feet, ask any witnesses to provide their names and contact details.
  5. Inspect the area and determine what caused the incident.
  6. Take pictures if you’ve a smartphone available.

Know Your Rights

Many customers in Australia are unaware of the law when it comes to public liability cases, so they tend to avoid pursuing a claim. If you have had an accident while shopping, you are entitled to make a claim if the premises you were in didn’t provide a safe business environment. All shops, public venues and restaurants have a duty of care they must adhere to that guarantees their premises are safe for visitors and customers.

When you go shopping, the business owner is responsible for any accidents that take place on their premises, especially one which could have been avoided with due care and attention.

Some accidents are only minor and don’t require medical attention. But, sometimes shoppers can get badly injured and require extensive treatment. If you’ve a sizeable medical bill that needs to be paid, the shop owner is responsible. If you want to make a public liability claim against a shop owner, you must document your case and gather evidence at the scene.

Even if your injury feels like a minor pain, you should still look for witness and get their contact details. A minor pain may turn into something more as the hours go by and without evidence you’ll find it difficult to get compensation. If you’ve medical expenses to pay, the shop owner should cover the cost of your injuries.

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