Historical background of why and since when women wear jewelry


We have been wearing jewellery from time immemorial. However not many know the reason behind why we wear jewellery. Some people wear jewellery because they like to while others wear jewellery because it looks good or to show their status in society.

Here is the history of jewellery:

  • Jewellery has been worn by people for a very long time. Humans have worn jewellery for as long as 75000 years. That is even during the time of our ancestors.
  • If you dig into the history of Rome or Egypt you would know that jewellery was worn by people back in history and they were made of precious metals.
  • Jewellery was worn as a symbol of wealth by the king’s queens and even Pharaohs It wasn’t just worn to look good but also to show how wealthy a person was.
  • Earlier unlike now, only royalties could wear jewellery and not commoners. Jewellery of gold and silver were reserved for only for the rich and not the middle class.

However today the reasons why we wear jewellery have changed be it hoop earrings or necklaces worn for everyday wear. We know a day’s wear jewellery almost on a daily basis and it has become a part of our routine like anything else. It has become an essential part of our life. Did jewellery we were have become an extension of our identity? But why is it so important for us to wear jewellery. One of the main reasons why we wear jewellery is because it gives a sense of affection for potential mates. It is a gift that many beloved give to their better halves.

Why modern people wear jewellery: 

  • One main reason why people wear jewellery is that it gives them a sense of strong connection and self-esteem. When a person weighs jewellery sometimes they tend to feel stronger and full of confidence. A luxurious piece of jewellery such as pearls can just add the class in your whole outfit and your mood as well.
  • Another reason why people wear jewellery is that it makes them feel joyful and give them a sense of ownership. The view of jewellery is slowly changing and it is also being switched up as men also beginning to wear jewellery. Jewellery is actually something which females were to give them a sense of gentleness and beauty. But it is also started adding to the personality of the man.
  • A piece of jewellery can we vamp your whole look and that is why many people switch to it. Jewellery can make you feel confident and it also adds the brightness to your outfits. Is the chunky piece of jewellery is added to a simple outfit it makes the outfit look more glam and good? Hence jewellery is very important to add that extra touch to your outfit.

Women jewellery who did can just revamp the look of the person wearing it. Females love to wear jewellery because it gives them a more gentle feeling. It portrays a sense of ownership and beauty and that is why women love to wear jewellery like chokers 

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