Best Free MacBook Games of 2019


If you own a Mac, here is a selection of free highly entertaining games that you will surely enjoy. There are hundreds of titles available for the Apple’s computers and we have chosen the best ones for you. Strategy, RPG, sports sims, adventures, puzzles, shooting games, you will be spoilt for choice but here are the top 5.

A Story about my Uncle

Released on PC in 2014, A Story about my Uncle is finally available for Mac on Steam. The adventure game is about a young boy looking for his Uncle Fred, an intrepid explorer who ends up missing in one of those Doctor Strange-esque inter-dimensional landscapes inhabited by strange alien creatures. At the beginning, you will be asked to find clues about your missing uncle. And instead of sticking with 2D graphics, it suddenly turns into a 3D platform game as you use Uncle Fred’s “adventure suit” to track him down at the alien landscape.

Alpine Crawler

Perhaps Alpine Crawler is not the most developed game in terms of graphic design, but it is nonetheless very addictive! Climb the Alps in the vehicle of your choice (SUV, pick up …) and avoid crashing all the way by driving as carefully as possible across the famous mountain terrain. Do not forget to boost your sound on your MacBook with Nahimic, a functioning software that will enhance your Mac gaming experience.

Elder Scrolls Online: Legends

This one is a Mac card game also available on Steam. It starts with a kind of drawn-out tutorial introducing the basics of the game. You can skip it if you are already used to this genre. Now you can enter the main single-player campaign. This latter will send you on different missions throughout the Elder Scrolls world of Tamriel. There, you will be able to earn a number of starter cards and decks, before reaching the Arena and Battle modes.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is a MOBA game. The original DOTA – Defence Of The Ancients – made the MOBA genre or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena popular. Nevertheless, it had a pretty awkward debut on the Mac. Some people said that the Mac version of DOTA 2 was a “cruel joke” because of its lamentable performance. Fortunately, new updates from Valve made it all better. You will have to choose a hero with his own abilities, weapons and item combinations.

Atom Splitter

It is a casual game developed by Virtual Programming available on the Mac App Store. You will be on a very tiny ship that has to blast its way past a series of atomic particles. Your ship is first equipped with only a basic laser and limited shields to protect you from collisions. Along the game, you will have to unlock more powerful weapons to help you out.

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