If you are using a laser printer for long then you would have faced the problem of jammed paper and ink leakage. If you have face this problem once then there are chances you will face it again and again. Whether you are using a printer at home or office and no matter how much careful you are with your device, you will face this issue again. You must hence know the solution!

Paper jam because of leakage

Well there is no big deal in clearing a paper jam. It might take you 20 minutes to take it out and put everything back together. When printing a page, if you are observing droplets of toner or vertical lines down the page, this is a sign that something has gone wrong inside. Take another print to see if it happens again. If it does then it means ink has been leaked inside. Sometimes, it can be because the cartridge was damaged beforehand. If the cartridge was fine and suddenly this as happened, then this might have happened because of paper jam. When paper is jammed inside, it is stuck between the drum and the blade. When the print of the image is being transferred on paper, the remaining toner can sweep into waste pin by a wiper blade. There is a retaining blade present, which can seal the waste bin against the drum. This will prevent the toner from escaping. If a paper gets jam, the paper or dust can get stuck between the drum and the retaining blade. This will be an intruder, which will cause the retaining blade not to seal against the drum. This will make the toner escape onto the paper as the drum turns while printing.

How to cope up with the problem?

If you have come across this defect, then turn over the cartridge and pull back the shutter of the drum. You might find a small piece of paper stuck in between the drum and the retaining blade. The paper will be visible in this case. In some cases, you may not see the paper, there might be just toner dust visible gathered around a certain area of the drum. There will be a paper stuck there where leaking has occurred. You will have to remove this piece of paper or push it in the waste bin. Be careful while pulling the paper out. Make sure that you leave no scratches on the drum. The easiest way of doing so is to use the corner of a paper post card or even a regular paper. It would be better to use post card paper here. Now learn carefully how you are going to use this post card. Insert the corner of the post card between the drum and the retaining blade. Use the corner of the card to grab and pull the piece of paper that is stuck in between. Pull it out or push it into the waste bin. Do not use any other material harder than the post card. Do not ever try to use a knife here. It is going to leave scratches on your drum, which means you are going to damage it permanently. You can even accidentally cut the retaining blade that will further lead of issues of leakages. If the post card is not working then you can even use a toothpick.

What to do after pulling the paper out?

Once you have successfully pushed the paper out, do not try to clean or even wipe anything from the drum. When the toner will start to print, the drum will clean itself automatically. Even manual cleaning can harm the drum.

There can be some toner left in the printer but this usually depends on how soon you have detected the leakage. The back of the page can also have toner blotches left. Check into the cavity of the paper. That is where the toner goes. Wipe off the spilled toner from there using a dry cloth. You can also use a tonner vacuum for cleaning the spills and dried powder that is not being removed with piece of cloth. This is one of the most common problems, which any user of laser toner cartridge might have to come across.

Is this problem common in re manufactured ink cartridges only?

There are many other problems that one can face when using ink cartridges. Some people think that such problems arise because of using re manufactured ink cartridges. But these problems arise can arise with even the new ink cartridges. Some people think that re manufactured ink cartridges are not good for your printer.That can be true if you have not purchase the cartridges from a genuine supplier. On the other hand, if you will find the re manufactured ink cartridges from a genuine store then you will never have to face any issue. It is recommended to purchase ink cartridges from a trusted store.

There are not all individuals in this world can afford to purchase genuine ink cartridges but they surely want to use ink for printing. You can solve the problem by purchasing the re manufactured ink cartridges. They may not be as ultimate in quality as the genuine ink cartridges but they surely can meet your needs. All you have to do is find a reliable store that is offering discount and providing genuine ink cartridges.  Cartridge is providing discount on the ink cartridges. It is a nice place to find the best product at the most affordable price.

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