A Guide to Arranging a Humanist Funeral


Many people are not religious, and therefore, they do not require a funeral that is based upon any particular religious belief. Humanist funerals are becoming more popular, as people look for a fitting funeral service that is closer to their beliefs, and with that in mind, here is a guide to arranging a humanist funeral.

What Exactly is a Humanist Funeral?

A humanist funeral is one that follows no specific religious path, and the funeral might take place in woodland, rather than in a chapel, and celebrates the life of the deceased rather than focusing on religious beliefs.

Who Can Arrange a Humanist Funeral?

There are expert funeral services in Dursley who specialise in arranging non-religious funerals, and this can be tailored to suit, with a range of options that include the following:

  • The type of coffin
  • The style of service
  • Funeral transportation

No Mention of God or an Afterlife

The humanist funeral is not that different to a regular service, with the main difference being there is no mention of God or an afterlife, rather the service celebrates the life of the deceased, and the service might well include specifics that the deceased person wished to be included.

In short, a humanist funeral is one that is designed around the wishes of the deceased persons family, and while it might not be as sombre as a traditional funeral, people are still respectful in every way.

If you would like to know more about humanist funerals, talk to your local funeral director, who can tailor the service to suit your needs.

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