A Basic Guide for Toy Hauler Purchase


Recreational vehicles which are popularly known as RVs have many types. All these types serve different purposes, though the major aim of all these types is to create a unique travel experience. Among all the RV types, the toy hauler holds a special position, since it is the only RV that comes with a “garage” at its rear end. Usually, the toy haulers come with a large ramp-door that is made for ease of access.

On the other hand, toy haulers that are also known as fifth wheel or travel trailers also can be called motorhomes since that is yet another kind of toy hauler. If you are fascinated with the idea of traveling in toy haulers and want to own the same, here is a simple guide for making a toy hauler purchase a breeze. We gathered some useful insights in this regard from the sales team of a famous Toy Hauler dealer in Ames. They also enlightened us with the fact that modern-day toy haulers are often considered as the best way of implementing the open-concept of living spaces on wheels that will have multi-purpose utility.

Major Attributes of Toy Haulers

Generally speaking, a toy hauler can also be called a travel trailer, a fifth wheel, or a motorhome since they possess all of their attributes and offering their respective advantages. At the rear end of a toy hauler one can make good use of the garage that will come attached with a huge ramp door to make an easy drive-in for your bikes, cycles, toy cars, and other two or even four-wheelers. This ramp door also makes loading and unloading of bulky items a breeze. Many travelers who do not wish to carry any vehicles in the garage, convert it into endless possibilities of usage.

Advantages of Toy Haulers

The first and foremost reason why people go for toy haulers is to carry their motorcycles, ATVs, kayaks, and other wheelers in its open “garage” at the rear end. Many make use of the toy haulers to transport these items across the borders.

Many convert this extra huge space into a dormitory or guest bedroom when the number of travelers is huge.

Some leading RV manufacturers offer a fold-away sleeping option in this open garage that might also include beds that can be lowered down from the ceiling, at a single touch of a button. Some might convert this place into a complete entertainment house with TV and mini theatres.

The garage area in a toy hauler is usually ruggedized with a flooring that is water and oil-resistant, while some also incorporate tie-down fasteners and high-end protective wall panels.

In general, the toy haulers are approximately 21 to 40 feet long and can accommodate up to 11 passengers with a sleeping facility, suggested the dealership owner, where we saw Toy Haulers for sale in Ames.

So, if you are looking for all these advantages in your new RV, we will suggest you go for a toy hauler. While choosing a model, make sure to check out its sleeping capacity and match it with your traveling requirement and criteria. Lastly, we must say, you must buy a toy hauler from a reputed toy hauler dealership.

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