5 Campus Safety Tips for College Students


They say that crime doesn’t sleep. They also say that college students do not sleep. Coincidence? I think not. All kidding aside, it is important to know a few things about campus safety. After all, you’re living on campus with thousands of other people; what could possibly go wrong? Below are five useful campus safety tips that provide practical advice that you can use to help keep yourself safe.

  1. Use the Buddy System

Do you remember using the ‘Buddy System’ growing up? You know, the system where you stay near your friend (the buddy) when you go anywhere in order ensure that you two look after each other? Yeah, that buddy system. Well in college, this tried and proven system still applies. Trust me, you’re not too cool for the buddy system.

There will be times in college where you go to a party and the only person you know is your friend. Be sure to look after each other, when you’re around inebriated people; strange things do happen. Use the buddy system to walk around at night to ward off potential attackers. In general, use the buddy system as much as you can. On the bright side, who wants to walk alone anyways?

  1. Know Where the Emergency Campus Phones Are

I know you want to believe that your college loves to spend money on useless things, but I’ve come here to burst your bubble. College campuses typically install emergency phones that you can use …. wait for it….in case of emergency. Usually these phones are located on common walking paths. As the student, be aware of where these phones are; you never know when they will come in use!

  1. Know the Layout of Your Campus

Building off of knowing where the emergency phones are, I want you to expand your knowledge and become aware of the general layout of campus. Now, you should want to learn your campus anyways because, I don’t know, it’s your campus. But becoming aware of your surroundings is an essential tactic for survival that’s even used by the military. You want to know your campus well enough so in case of emergency, you know exactly where you should go to for safety.

  1. Stay in Control

Ok, I know your friend Ben is throwing the party of the year and there’s going to be 70 kegs but I want you to stay in control of yourself. Listen, I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to party in college and loose control. Here’s the truth: When you’re not in control of yourself you’re very vulnerable. You are exposed to numerous health and safety risks and you almost certainly will wake up feeling bad. Yes, you can have fun college, but stay in control of yourself. Remember, you’re responsible for your actions, no matter the excuse.

  1. Make an Emergency Kit

When you have some in between time while studying for your degree at New England College, I encourage you to make an emergency kit. The truth is, you never know when an emergency will happen so you don’t want to find your self being unprepared. Check campus rules before making a kit to see what exactly is allowed, but most emergency kits have basic necessities for survival. A basic backpack kit of water, non-perishable food, spare clothes,gym shoes, a lighter and a flash light is a great foundation to build off of.

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