What are the Changes Made in 2021 Chevrolet Corvette?


Corvette is one of a kind sports car that many people used to neglect in its earliest years. With time people globally have come to appreciate Chevrolet Corvette and with subtle changes made for the 2021 made it a must have sports car for all. From sleek designing to upgraded and modern features it has become a present day icon that people are choosing from Wilkesboro Chevrolet dealership.

So, without delay have a look at the changes made in 2021 model along with rest of this vehicle.

Changes done in 2021 version

Though, no changes in price is made for the 2021 model, Chevy decided to add certain features to make the Corvette even more attractive among people. Standard features now include wireless smartphone integration (Android Auto and Apple CarPlay), optional digital gauge screen/display, safety feature Buckle to Drive that prevents drivers to roll out of parking unless he/she buckles seat belt.

Also, now an individual can order a Corvette with magnetorheological dampers, which previously was available only if a buyer opted for the performance Z51 package. Lastly, racing strips are available in several different colors along with new interior color option is also added to list of changes.

These are primarily the changes which are done Chevy for the 2021 Corvette model. Now onto some of the specifications that makes this vehicle an icon on road.

Engine equipped

V8 6.2L engine is fitted behind passenger compartment nowadays producing a monstrous 490 HP along with 470 pound feet of torque. Still looking for something better? Then, simply add Z51 package for performance exhaust making the HP improve to 495. Furthermore, this package adds limited slip hindmost differential, summer tires, aggressive braking system, etc.

However, only available transmission of this vehicle is the automatic 8-speed dual clutch as no manual option is given to customers. It can be handled using center console’s buttoned gear selection option or simply utilizing shift paddles mounted. Since it’s a sports car, it lives up to its reputation and takes 2.8 seconds to reach 0-60 mph.

Even a base model Corvette is capable enough of delivering supreme thrills and remarkable handling on track and road that put its competitors to shame. For more info contact Chevrolet Wilkesboro dealer.

Models and prices

Three models are available for people to choose, 1LT, 2LT, and 3LT. The starting prices of these models are $59,995, $67,295, and $71,945 respectively. What makes this vehicle instantly attractive to people is that it can compete with any sports car in the market but still Chevy has priced it so low that it is unbelievable to have such an amazing car at such an affordable price.

It is a two-seater vehicle with a posh interior and remarkable exterior styling. Checking it out and booking one today is what’s left for you to do. It is a car that you will fall in love with immediately.

Still not decided yet? Just take a test drive to get a feel of this car and you will understand why people are crazy about Chevy Corvettes.

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