Types of Foods That You Can Order during Train Journey


Journey through the India Railway is really an exciting idea, especially when it comes to overnight journey. But, such a long journey includes food. Many of you prefer to carry your own food. But, there are many people who don’t want to take extra luggage just for it. Now, this is an undeniable fact that all train food service is not always good. You get lots of news to hear about it.

But, there are certain online food services which are really good. They can provide amazing quality and taste, even when you are making a journey. They know that any rich and spicy food during the journey is not good, as that can make your stomach upset. So, here are the types of food that you can order while journeying by the train-

  1. The Veg Thali

If you are a vegetarian and get confused about what to eat during your journey, this ‘Thali’ is the perfect answer for you. This vegetarian thali is an awesome option for lunch or dinner as it contains common food items, like rice, roti, curry, dal, salad, and yogurt. Don’t worry, as the salad is freshly cut. The quantity you get in a thali is perfect for one person. If you are traveling with a kid, you can feed him/her from yours. Actually, while traveling, meat is not a good option to have. So, non-vegetarians can also go for this veg thali.

  1. Dosa or Idli

These South Indian delicacies are really awesome to keep yourself light during the evening. If you want to much something, instead of buying fried objects, go for dosa or idli. Ordering idli is easy as you can have it cooled. But, cold dosa won’t taste great, right? That’s why you can always contact to certain online food deliveries who can provide you hot dosa, just by arriving at a certain station. What you need to do is to mention the arrival time over there.

  1. Paranthas

This is such a dish that is loved by almost all. For a heavy breakfast, there is nothing better than paranthas. Have it with pickle or curd, it tastes awesome. Usually, people go for bread and omelets at breakfast while traveling by train. But, you can try something different by having paranthas; and to have the best one, go for aloo paranthas. As these are stuffed with potato, it will keep you full for longer while the curd will help you to digest your food.

  1. Biryani

Hopefully, you all jump up with joy at the mention of this! Well, to make your journey grand, you can go for this. As it is a heavy dish, make sure you have raita beside biryani. Non-veg and veg, both types of biryani are available. Also, you can have a bottle of cold drinks to speed up your digestion

Hopefully, you get what types of food you can order while journeying by train. Keep yourself light and try to avoid too much oily food as that may make you nauseate during the journey.

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