Things To Cover In A Building Inspection Report


Are you going to purchase a property? It is essential to acquire a building inspection report from the experts having all the needed information. Make sure that you are not going to have a big gamble skiing building inspection as it is not an ideal decision to make. Moreover, underlying problems can create big issues later on.

This is why it is considered ideal to have a full defect building report so that you get to know that what you are buying into. Always prefer to choose one of the best building inspections service providers. Having a building inspection report helps you to avoid problems that may make holes in your pocket. An ideal inspection report can be categorised into three categories called minor defects, needs monitoring and major defects. Professionals do prepare the report following these categories emphasising on the defective things.

However, it also requires knowing what key-points need to be in an ideal inspection report –

A standard building inspection report

To put in simple words, a standard building inspection report comes up with a visual inspection. It is being mentioned that a standard inspection report does not hold that very much depth. They examine the prospective property’s condition and prepare a general detailing based on a visual investigation pointing out if there are any defects on common parts of the building. It means they do check these things such as roof, doors, windows, external an internal walls, roof void, subfloor, floor, water damage, damp, crack, uneven floors and so on. They also add about minor defects, which is all about the defects that would not affect the building that much but they need to get fixed to get building in the desired way.

However, sometimes overlook the prominent defects or other kind of problems that are not obvious. Being a smart customer, you may discuss with your professionals if you are concerned about other issues such as prominent structure-oriented defects and other kind sorts of hidden issues including pest inspector, structural engineer,  electricity supply authority or water supply authority etc.

General details should be in the report 

A building inspection detail should also have all general information to be declared in a detailed way. Building inspections service providers always emphasise to examine all sorts of accessible parts of the building including the kind of area such as

  • What is the status of the exterior of the property
  • How much roof space does exist
  • What is all about the interior of the house
  • All about under-floor space
  • Condition of the roof exterior
  • And it should have information about the site too

Inspection of a particular part of the property

You may also ask your professional to inspect a particular part of the property or if there are any specific items such as the condition of the smoke alarm, electrical safety switch, fencing, surface water draining, garage, carport, asbestos problems and so on. Saying would not wrong that these major defects can lead to bigger issues later on. Moreover, “Major Defects” is all about showing issues which need urgent attention.

Make sure that you are going to hire the professional building-inspection service provider to get the reports having all the required information.

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