Take a Walking Holiday in Beautiful Greece


If you want to enjoy natural beauty and ancient architecture, you will love spending time in Greece. This type of excursion enables you to share the landscape through pictures with your friends and enjoy a tranquil and uniquely beautiful setting. What makes this type of trip more special is when you can take a self-guided walking holiday. If you want to experience a culture other than your own, you do not want to miss a trip to this part of the world.

Self-Guided Treks in Greece

Self-guided walking holidays are featured in a number of places in Greece. These destinations include the following:

  • West Crete
  • The Cyclades Islands
  • Corfu and Paxos
  • Athens and the Poros and Hydra islands

Visiting West Crete

If you choose West Crete, self-guided walking trips are normally scheduled from April to the end of October. This moderate hike offers panoramic views of the Libyan Sea. Trekkers also get the opportunity to swim on remote, deserted beaches. Therefore, you do not have to worry about crowds. The trip allows you to explore the landscape in peaceful and tranquil settings.

Trekkers travel along the Irini Gorge past blooms of oleander bushes. Their destination is scenic Omalos where they settle in for an overnight stay. Next, walkers visit the Samaria Gorge before heading to the coast. A walk along the coast leads to Loutro, a romantic village that can only be accessed by boat. The trip ends with a challenging trek along the Aradhena Gorge, which is a memorable and ideal way to conclude the holiday.

The Cyclades Islands

Walking in Greece may also lead you to a hike in the Cyclades Islands. This trip, which is normally offered from the last of March to the end of October, takes walkers to Naxos and Santorini. The Cyclades Islands themselves are Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. They are located southeast of Greece. The journey begins with the island of Naxos.

Visiting the Island of Santorini

Santorini is the next destination on the Cyclades itinerary. The eruption of the Thira volcano in ancient times has given way to steep and impressive cliffs. Walkers gaze at whitewashed villages against a cerulean sky.

Average Walking Distances

Most of the paths for each daily walk are from 10 to 19 kilometres and walks range from three to seven hours. The time for each walk depends on the terrain and distance. You can also visit Athens and the islands of Poros and Hydra. This diverse trip begins at the bustling capital and eventually leads travellers to the contrasting, peaceful climate of the Poros and Hydra islands.

One Final Note

All walking trips generally include a seven-night stay at accommodations that are equivalent to three- and four-star hotels. Each walker also receives a map.

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