So, You Want To Rent An RV


When it comes to matters of campervan rental, there are a number of folks who see it as just too much trouble and will even go on to tell you that it’s a whole bunch of paperwork, signing your name here and there and other endless regulations.

That may have been what it was about in the past! However, in todays world, the entire process is much easier than you would ever believe and similar to going to a convenience store.

Affordable Prices

In most cases, people who are interested in renting an RV, are concerned about the cost and service.

But, surprisingly, nowadays, vehicle rental services are the best value for money that they’ve ever been, with practically every car rental agency regularly offering a modest daily or weekly rate. (And monthly, if needs be)

Which Type is For You?

You should try to consider what type of driving you will be doing and then work out what sort of RV is ideal for you. A number of rental agencies offer various models to suit all of their customers’ requirements.

  • If you are only going to be renting for a short time, you may wish to rent a smaller vehicle to save some money. However, if you are going to be going on a longer trip, you may prefer a larger RV.

Research Online

After thinking over which RV you want to rent, you should then go online and check out what a rental agency has to offer.

  • Reputable agencies which deal in top quality RV rentals, have easy to use interactive websites, where you will be able to find the more than ideal vehicle.

Minimum Paperwork These Days!

After looking through your options and booking your camper rental, there are some things to remember prior to collecting your vehicle.

When you arrive at the camper rentals office, have your driver’s license ready and make sure it is up to date. And the very same goes for anyone else who may be doing any driving.

  • Bring with you the confirmation number from the transaction, and credit card/cash.
  • When the paperwork is finished, carefully read the contract.
  • When you finally receive your RV for rent, make sure that the mileage is the same as stated on the contract and check the car and make a note of any signs of damage and point it out to staff.

Returning the Vehicle

After your trip is over and you return the vehicle, try getting it back in the allocated time frame. You are usually given an extra hour over the time limit before any extra charges are made. However, remember that after that time period has lapsed, you will then have to pay an hourly rate.

You will soon discover that when you are looking for a camper rental, things will go a whole lot smoother than you could imagine! Have a great trip and please drive safely!

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