Renovations in Perth Tips


No matter whether or not you are planning on renovating your current home or even building a new one, it is going to be extremely helpful if you can keep yourself up to date with all of the latest trends in regard to bathrooms.  For most, a bathroom is going to be more than just a room to handle your business, but rather a personal sanctuary or a place that you are able to start your morning on a daily basis.

While bathrooms are able to go in just about any direction you could want, here are some of the best tips that the top designers use in order to create a bathroom that will make you excited to spend some time in. You can also visit website for more info.

Dedicate the Room to Just One Material

One of the most popular and thought after bathroom trends is going to be using something that comes straight out of the eighties, which just so happens to be utilizing a single material throughout the entire room.  When this type of renovation is done correctly, it can easily turn your bathroom into a very impactful and important space within your home.  Just like the name suggests, this is a bathroom trend that is going to make use of a single material for just about everything in it, including the walls, ceiling and floor.

Add More Mirrors

While mirrors in bathrooms just seem like a ‘duh’ type situation, you would be surprised how many bathrooms are not equipped with enough or a large enough mirror.  Mirrors are simply going to be a bathroom must have accessory.  That being said, most bathrooms are going to be very linear, so when you add a hanging statement mirror, it can make your bathroom look bigger and much grander than the actual size of it will allow.

In fact, this is one of the tricks that high-end renovationists use to make smaller bathrooms look larger and grander than they actually are.  However, using rounded and more interestingly shaped mirrors in bathroom remodels is continuously growing more popular and much more common when it comes to bathroom renovations.

Use Marble

There is no secret that using marble in your bathroom is simply a deluxe trend that means you have finally ‘made it’.  In fact, marble is still to this day one of the most popular trends in all of the high-end bathroom renovations that happen every day.  However, the emerging trend in the bathroom remodel and design industry is to use a single, giant pieces of marble as opposed to many smaller pieces of marble.  For example, many renovations are calling for a single slab of marble that goes form the floor to the ceiling, essentially spanning the entire height of the wall.  While this is going to make your bathroom standout and will significantly increase the value of your property, it is also a much more expensive renovation that can potentially not pay off in the way that you think it would.

No matter what style you decide to go with in your bathroom design or remodel, when you speak with a professional about what you have in mind, you will be able to build your dream bathroom.

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