Know the procedures of NPS account & how’s NPS working?


With this calculator, you can understand how much pension and lump sum you will receive when you retire at 60. The choice you need to take is a monthly contribution to NPS. The more cash spent, the higher the amount accumulated and the greater the eventual benefit of the accumulated riches of the pension. The monthly compounding strength makes nps calculator an appealing solution for retirement.

How to open your NPS account

A POP / POP-SP account must be opened after which one will be allocated a unique Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) Under NPS; two kinds of accounts will be accessible:

Tier-I account: one will contribute retirement savings (primary pension account) to that account (non-retirement account). It also provides an exemption from tax.

Tier-II account*: This is a facility for voluntary savings. One will be free whenever one wants to withdraw their money from this account — no exemption from taxes.

Registered users will only be eligible to open a Tier–II account if they have opened Tire–1 account and have to be active.

How’s NPS working?

An investor must select the PFM that will handle their funds while completing the form among the listed PFMs.

There are two choices under Investment Choice: Active Choice One will have the choice to actively decide how to invest their NPS pension assets in the following three alternatives: 

Asset Class E-Investment in mainly equity market tools.

Asset Class C-investments in non-government securities fixed revenue instruments. 

Asset Class G — Government securities investment.

The sum of everything must be equivalent to 100%. You can choose to invest your retirement assets in asset groups C or G and up to 50% in equity (asset class E).

How to open an online NPS account?

With the world transferring to digital, all financial products are now available online for investment around the clock for all investors around the world.

NPS has also begun its online services and provides you with a platform to create your PRAN online and then invest in online NPS. The services are called E-NPS, and the current PRAN owner and New Investors can also use this platform.

Steps to generate (Aadhaar Based) online NPS account.

  • Enter the information about your essential profile.
  • Register With: Aadhaar or Permanent Account Number (PAN) Account type–’ Tier I’ or’ Tier I & Tier II’ Keep your Aadhaar card and mobile number registered with Aadhar handy because you will receive an OTP on it.
  • Don’t miss adding nominee.
  • Upload a scanned picture and signature copy and move to the payment page PRAN will be assigned to the subscriber upon confirmation of the payment.
  • Once your online account has been created, the user will receive a PRAN kit at his registered address, and the user should take an auto-populated form printout, paste his / her photograph (he/she must not sign across the photograph) and affix his / her signature.
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