How Mazda Incorporates Technology in their Vehicles


Based on human-centric design philosophy, Mazda, as always has led the automotive industry with new and innovative concepts executed with the latest technologies. Whenever you see a Mazda vehicle, you can recognize it from its state-of-the-art design that perfectly blends with the latest streams of technologies.

At the Mazda Phoenix dealership, we were told that Mazda never forgets to “Celebrate Driving” and to ensure that every Mazda driver can celebrate each of their driving session, it has incorporated the latest technologies that are crafted specifically to help the driver, with every difficult driving decision. The technologies enable the car to develop a deep understanding about the driver from his physical characteristics and immediate behavior.

SkyActiv Technology

To enhance the level of performance without compromising on the environmental balance or safety, Mazda has invented the SkyActiv technology that serves Mazda’s mission to attain the best possible performance while the car itself experience a process of evolution.

Technology for Safety

Nothing makes sense, unless your drives on the road are safe for all. It should include the safety of you, your fellow passengers and the road occupants. Mazda today is on a mission to make cars that will make people feel safer and secure while driving, riding or passing by it.

i-Activsense Technology

Mazda’s i-Activsense is yet another term that covers a series of advanced technologies mainly for safety and driver assistance, that work from the data received from a handful of detection devices like milli-wave radars and cameras and create an alert for the driver for the probable danger and hence help reduce the severity of the unavoidable collisions.

The ITS Technology

ITS  stands for the Intelligent Transport Systems that is made to reduce the probabilities of road accidents resulting from traffic congestion and other driving hazards. It works on the set of immediate information received and transmitted by the radars, sensors and cameras to let the driver know about the position of people, animals, kids and other vehicles and their accurate position to avoid a collision.

Environmental Technology

Mazda is the name of an automobile brand that isn’t only into making different vehicle types, but more into inventing better solutions related to automotive industry. The minds working behind the making of each Mazda car is involved and dedicated in coming up with technological solutions that  can improve the existing system of transportation. Mazda is always a leader in the industry whenever it comes to sustain the environmental balance and reduce the already inflicted damage on it by reducing CO2 emissions with the help of some hard core technologies. At Mazda the people who are working behind the curtains are always keeping their minds engaged in developing some advanced environmental technologies that will be able to largely contribute to the sustainable future of the Earth and her people who can’t yet give up on the usage of automobiles.

At the Phoenix Mazda dealership, we came to know more about this “multi-solution” approach taken by Mazda to address all the current issues that are faced by the automotive industry.

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