Explore the Amazing Advantages of Choosing an Iron Bed


Bed frames come in many styles and designs. They are also made using a variety of materials. You can purchase wood, plastic, and metal frames. If you want the most durable, long-lasting bed frame, your best option is a hand-forged iron bed.

You Can Find Elegant and Traditional Designs

Iron bed frames are available in various designs to match the décor of any bedroom. The special attention and care that goes into the design of an iron bed cannot be matched by mass-produced frames available at retail stores. They also come in every size from twin to king.

Your Iron Bed Frame Is Built to Last a Lifetime

A hand-forged iron bed from Nights in Iron will likely last a lifetime. Iron frames are built to last and unlikely to show signs of damage due to regular use. The frame that you choose may be the last frame that you need for your bed.

Iron Bed Frames Are Not Prone to Rotting or Pests

You do not have to deal with the problems often associated with wood furniture. Certain types of wood can attract insects and may eventually rot in humid locations. Insects are not attracted to iron bed frames and there is no chance of the iron rotting.

You Can Easily Disassemble Your Bed for Transport

Wood bed frames can be cumbersome and difficult to disassemble. The wood may also splinter, making it hard to reassemble. This is not an issue with an iron bed frame.

The entire frame often weighs more than frames made with other materials. Luckily, you can easily disassemble the iron frame. Take it apart and easily transport to another location or room in your house.

Iron Bed Frames Are Easy to Clean and Wipe Down

If you spill liquid on your bed, you may stain the sheets but the iron bed frame will remain unharmed. You can easily wipe down the surface of an iron bed without damaging the frame. This adds to the durability of iron beds, making them an attractive option for any bedroom.

An Iron Bed Is Often More Cost-Effective Than You Think

The general assumption is that a hand-forged iron bed will cost more than other options. While the bed frame may initially cost more, you may save money in the long run.

Your iron bed frame is likely to last for decades, if not your entire lifetime. Compared to the 10- to 15-year lifespan of a typical bed frame, an iron bed becomes a cost-effective choice. You pay a little more now to save on the cost of replacing your bed frame later.

For your next bed, think about getting an elegant iron bed. It may be the last bed frame that you ever need.

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