Evolution of a Ceiling fan


The 21stcentury is a platform of advancement. It keeps on making headway to new goals. Whether it is an invention, a creation or a masterpiece, everything is on its path to progress.

The ceiling fans too gained its eminence from contemporary to modern fans thereby increasing its efficiency. The pleasure of ceiling fans is indelible and different from other products.It decreases air stratification by providing the circulation between the wall ceilings and the floor. It is a big boon to the world and has grabbed its roots from the past.

Conceptualizing the idea

Punkah-typed ceiling fans dated back to 500 BC. However, the first rotatory ceiling fans were seen in the early 1860s and 1870s in the United States of America. These were not mechanized, instead the idea of running water as a stream was adopted.

And then the first powered fan was invented by PHILIP DIEHL in 1882. He engineered the electric motor used for the first time and adapted that motor in the ceiling-mounted fan, thereby it gained momentum in other parts of the world. It ameliorated its passage from conventional to modern ones. The early turn-of-the-century companies who used the ceiling fans were the ones in the United States. And this renewed commercial success of the ceiling fans was used effectively.

A Style to follow

The ceiling fans are enriched with the number of styles and designs, adding flavour to the place. Modern fans vary in different aspects. By controlling the temperature to add uniqueness in its design, it works well in different ambiences.

Conventional styles could be eyesore. So, to go with the world, it is important to be design-conscious, decorative and attractive.

Evolution as a contemporary to modern fans

Earlier the fans were invented with the regulators that could regulate the speed as per the requirements. However, the modern fans could provide you with the best outcomes in terms of mounting types, efficiency, airflow metrics, different colours and remote fans. It can even give you light dimmer to enhance the beauty of the room with the cool breeze.

Contemporary fans are used in both summer and winter to serve the user needs

In summers, the direction of rotation is upwards to blow the air. It pulls the hot air and refreshes with the cool air.

In winters, the direction of rotation is downward to blow the warm air downwards to feel warm and comfortable.

Modern fans outlast in the style and fashion. They are more fashion forward than ever. The energy efficiency is the major turnaround. It is a change from ultra-modern to classic contemporary, the perfect ceiling fans are designed for every taste.  And the light dimmer adds another effect.

The ceiling fans are a must in every house as it is quite comfortable in summer and cozy in winter. Today, technology has made it quite simple to purchase a ceiling fan. One can even buy a fan online. It is always advisable to shop from trusted websites like http://atomberg.com/product-ceiling-fan/, when you plan to buy a fan online.

It is important to address these questions before buying a ceiling fan.

  • Why do I need a ceiling fan in my home?
  • Which area of the house needs a ceiling fan
  • Is it efficient enough to tackle the heat of my home?

These questions will guide you and would add on a real beauty to your home. Ceiling fans are obvious kind of fixtures to be found in the home and this is the only reason why its look impacts us.

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