Everything You Need to Know about Topsoil


Topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil which lies at the top of the ground. The general consensus amongst geologists is that topsoil refers to the top two to eight inches of soil. Because it lies right at the top, it is deemed to have the highest amount of organic matter and microorganisms, and this is the region where a considerable amount of the soil activity of the Earth takes place. Topsoil is divided into four major elements: organic matter, water, air, and mineral particles. Fifty to eighty percent of the volume of topsoil is composed of these particles, and they form the skeletal structure of the vast majority of soils.

However, as the amount of organic matter increases within the soil, its strength continues to decrease. If you are planning on farming, there are plenty of important things that you should know about how to maintain the topsoil. Here are some key things that you should know about maintenance of and common problems related to topsoil.

Tips for Storage

Most people don’t know how to properly store topsoil in Thirsk. When considering storage options, remember that the key is to make sure that the growth of fungus, leaching of nutrients, and decay and rotting of nutrients is slowed down as much as possible. Therefore, when storing topsoil, you need to keep it in an environment where air will continue to flow and excess moisture won’t be a problem. If you can provide such an environment, you don’t have to worry about your landscaping supplies decaying anytime soon. Such an environment will also keep the topsoil in excellent condition over a long period of time.

Soil Compaction Problems

If you are thinking of building a new garden and have just moved into a new home, there is a pretty high chance that a considerable portion of your topsoil has been lost due to the scraping, and the small amount of topsoil that has been left behind might be compacted heavily due to the excessive use of heavy machinery for construction purposes on the site. Even small-scale construction such as building a deck or a walkway can lead to severe compaction of the topsoil.

If you have compacted soil, you will need to purchase an aerating machine, which can be used to create small holes in the soil. If a lawn has already been established on top of the soil, the aerating machine will prove to be immensely helpful. Using the machine won’t just help you in overcoming the many issues associated with compacted soil; it will also significantly improve the quality of the soil as well as its capacity for holding water.

You can order topsoil directly through a local provider in Thirsk. There are many companies that sell topsoil in bags and also offer delivery straight to your home. You can check out their website and then place an order after comparing prices. This is a simple way to refresh your garden!

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