Choosing an Awning Material


Covering a patio, entryway, or window is very important for creating a year-round patio. If you want your patio or deck to be accessible and comfortable all year, you need to invest in an awning. An awning can cover a patio, sidewalk, storefront, or anything you need. They can be used to block some of the harsh sunlight during the hottest months of the year. Those are also the years in which random showers are most likely, so an awning can help keep you and your family dry during a rainy day.

During the winter, an awning serves as a roof for your awning. If you choose to use outdoor heaters, awnings can trap some of that heat to increase the heating capacity of the heaters. Heat rises, so putting a roof over the top of the patio will trap some of that heat. It’s important to choose the right awning material. The most common options to choose from are mesh, acrylic, and PVC.


A mesh awning is made with a very fine screen material that will block most of the sunlight, but is not waterproof. Mesh retractable roof systems are great if you’re trying to block as much sunlight as possible while still allowing for air and water to flow through. A mesh roof will cut the amount of light hitting you on the patio, creating instant shade. However, it will be much easier to maintain because it will not collect water, which means it won’t be as useful as it could be on a rainy day. Mesh will block some of the water, but it ultimately is not water-resistant. That means it will dry out faster, though, which is easier to keep clean.

Acrylic Canvas

Acrylic canvas is a material that is made from a heavy and durable material. Acrylic canvas is waterproof and tear-resistant. If you intend to have your awning open often, especially during storms, acrylic is very useful. The acrylic is also very good if you intend to use your awning as a sign or for advertising purposes. A professional printer can print your company logo on the canvas. The most durable material, however, is PVC.


If you are looking for the most waterproof, tear-resistant, and fade-resistant material, you need PVC. PVC will be completely waterproof, and will not tear even in strong winds. The wind can be a danger to some kinds of awnings. A quality awning made with PVC will not tear even in a strong wind. Furthermore, it will make for great advertisement. PVC is typically the material used for weatherproof banners, which means it’s perfect for advertising and resistant to strong weather conditions.

An awning can be exactly what you need to keep your patio cool and dry during the summer as well as warm during the winter. The different types of awning materials change how much the awning costs as well as when it is most useful. Mesh is low-maintenance and breathable. Canvas and PVC are both weather proof and durable, lasting for years and years.

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