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Can you tell which specific country a person is from based from his or her facial features?

When you arrive at Japan, you may find it a little bit difficult distinguish a Japanese, Chinese and Korean person just by looking at them. The main problem is that some Japanese people may find it insulting if you mistake them for the other.

Making a mistake in guessing someone’s nationality is not a crime, and most people will understand your inability to comprehend and will politely correct the mistake you made. However, it is important to be able cautious when you come to Japan to help you avoid any issues.

The Origins

We have to start by saying that these three nationalities feature very different origins, and even though they may share some traits, they are usually very different.

It could be compared with European settlers since Scandinavian people have a large proportion of people with pale skin and blonde hair while living in the Mediterranean means that you will have brown hair and dark skin.

People that live in the West will find these differences easily noticeable, but for Japanese people, for instance, we would all seem very similar.

Japanese roots originated from Indonesia and Southeast Asia. During the Sakoku period, which was embargo that didn’t allow anyone inside the country, Japan had less migration, and that is the main reason why they are quite homogenous with a little influence from other areas.

China is a vast country with a wide array of minorities that extend usual genetics. The majority of people are Han people,and we can trace their roots to Northern China, and you should also remember that China feature minorities from Russia, the Middle East,and Mongolia,

When it comes to Korean people, the wide acceptance states that their origins are traced back to early settlements in Taiwan and South China. Therefore, the universally speaking, three countries have been secluded from each other, and their languages are completely different too.


  • Facial Features – Even though these three nationalities are looking similar, when you see them carefully, you will notice real differences when it comes to facial features. Japanese feature wider and longer faces, while Chinese can vary, but they have rounder face in overall. Korean people have higher cheekbones and more prominent jaw. The Japanese eyes are angled downwards and more significant, while Chinese eyes are angled upwards. Koreans feature smaller eyes than these two nationalities, but we cannot generalize completely
  • Dressing Style – The best way to understand the distinction between these nationalities is to check how they dress. Japanese people enjoy in uniformity and harmony, which means that when they dress up the primary goal is to blend with the majority. You can expect subtle, simple and plain colors that are typical of Japanese attire. Wearing suits is also common in Japan, and men usually wear shirts and enjoy blending the norm. Koreans, on the other hand, tend to wear more colorful and bright attires than Japanese. Unlike in Japan, they can wear colorful dresses when they are in professional settings and job interviews. Korean fashion goes with the trend, while Japanese clothes are placing ideas on personal perspectives and touches. Chinese people tend to feature mixed fashion styles, and they are incorporating influences from their neighbors, as well as Japanese street fashion.
  • Makeup – Japanese women enjoy in natural and neutral looking tones that resemble no-makeup style. Of course, you can find extreme fashions such as Lolita and Ganguro. Chinese girls enjoy in red lipsticks and smoky look, while Korean women wish to present straight brow look, with the idea to adjust their eyebrows so that they can appear horizontal. Japanese people tend to wear whitening makeup because they prefer lighter skin, and even though it is becoming popular in China too, the practices come from Japan perspective. South Korea is significant when it comes to plastic surgery.

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But still, these generalizations can vary from individual to individual, and you should understand them before you want to guess the nationality of person you’re talking with. On the other hand, it is way better to ask than to make a wrong assumption. It is simple as that.

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