Actual Roles of Wireline Pressure Control Tools Company


The wireline company may also be employed to carry out maintenance, either as a routine measure, or in direct response to a situation that may have developed. A wireline services company can prove invaluable to oil or gas operators as their services can be deployed under pressure without damage to the well.

In general terms, the wireline services company will run a single strand wire, or a multi-strand wire, into the gas or oil well. This may be done to set flow control on various devices. It may also be performed for processes of clean out, or to place instruments that will gather readings of temperature or pressure in order to establish an accurate monitoring of the situation within the well.

Pressure control equipment used by a wireline company must be designed to withstand extremes of pressure and temperature. The equipment will often withstand pressures up to 15,000 pounds per square inch. It will also be designed to withstand the kind of corrosion attack it is likely to encounter inside an oil or gas well. Pressure control equipment can come in various sizes. It can be used through a bore hole as small as two and a half inches diameter, or as large as one nine inches in diameter.

Production can continue unhindered and there is no time lost. Killing a well is costly and time consuming, and damage can occur. Additionally, it is time consuming and costly getting a well back into production. A company with the necessary experience required can eliminate the need for such an operation.Wireline services provide the oil and gas production industry with a relatively low cost solution to one of their most basic needs. They are readily available, which makes them essential to the industry when facing problems involving through-tubing. Oil and gas well operators find this helps in reducing down-hole costs of production and maintenance.

If you want to find sickline tools you can also take help of companies that offer wireline pressure control tools and equipment. You can also go online to search a reputed or experienced firm to own sickline tools. This can be extended throughout the entire lifetime of the well, making it an obvious solution of choice. One of the biggest advantages for an oil well producer in using a wireline service company is that wireline tasks can easily be performed while a well is under pressure. This has the obvious advantage that the well does not need to be killed, thereby cutting out all the associated costs and problems with that exercise.

Wireline open-hole logging can provide a widely varied continuous record of measurements within an oil well, such as hydrogen content, bulk density, and the natural and induced radioactivity levels, and more. Companies offering wireline services have the expertise through their engineers to perform the necessary operations safely and cheaply, making them an invaluable service to the industry. These companies always dedicated to provide the best tools and business experience to their clients.

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