5 common mistakes people make when buying a geyser


“Winter is coming” and what can only help us survive it, is technology in the form of heaters and geysers. Geysers are modern day technological innovations that have been really helpful in warming or heating water to a desired temperature in cold climate or weather conditions, generally for bathing purposes. Geysers today, are available in a variety of designs ranging from electrical or even LPG geysers to solar geysers. Whenever one buys a geyser, he or she is posed with several questions: “What should be the capacity?”, “Should I go for the electrical, gas or solar geyser?”,” What brand should I go for?” etc. If you are facing similar questions, click here for a detailed guide. In this article, we have highlighted the common mistakes that people make while buying a geyser which you must try and avoid.

1) Energy Consumption

It is an important point to take into account which most people forget to take into account. You must buy a 5-star rated device otherwise the bills are enough to give you a stroke. People don’t look for a good rated device and then end up with huge bills thereby effectively increasing the geyser price. A good device ensures that the standing loss is less while a bad geyser is equally bad at that. Hence, the user must carefully have a look at the standing loss and running power ratings.

2) Capacity

Most of the time people cannot comprehend the capacity of the geyser that they should buy. They either end up with an oversized geyser or with one that is not able to keep up with the demands and needs of the family. Hence, it’s important to buy the geyser as per your needs and family size. An over-sized geyser would take in extra bills to heat water that is not required in the first place. So one should avoid this mistake as it leads to wastage of electricity and ultimately puts a hole in your pocket.

3) Brand

Brand is an important point when it comes to buying any appliance. Most people go for any random XYZ brand just because the geyser price is lesser. But they forget that the safety procedures are marginally followed in such appliances and hence, are very susceptible to electrical damage, etc. While good branded geysers may be a little more expensive that these local brands but they are definitely safer with better margins of short circuit safety. Hence, you must always go for a good branded geyser.

4) Life and replacement

It is important that the life of the geyser that you go for is longer. Most of the time people go for geysers that either have lesser life or whose parts are irreplaceable or hard to find. This makes it problematic to get it repaired. Warranty is also a factor which generally users ignore and therefore, one must avoid this mistake.

5) Appearance

The look is always an important factor when it comes to aesthetic suitability of any device. Be it the size or shape or colour, the appearance must match the bathroom in which it has been installed else the design quotient of the bathroom gets reduced. Most customers fail to take this into account and regret later.

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