2021 GMC Yukon – Best Family hauling Spacious Three-Row SUV in Market


GMC has manufactured quite a few impressive SUVs in the last few years and one of them is the Yukon. It can be described as the best family hauling and spacious three-row SUV that helped it make a name in this competitive SUV market. When in a GMC dealership near Watsonville, you can check out every detail in person. However, for now, you should definitely go through the details which are specified below.

V8 engines

Either of two V8 type engines is equipped in the 2021 Yukon like its previous versions. The first is the 5.3L option that gives 355 horsepower and another 6.2L one that produces 420 HP. There is no doubt about how much power GMC has put under Yukon’s hood. Moreover, another turbo diesel 3L inline-6 engine is offered for anyone looking for a diesel variant of Yukon that has 460-pound feet of torque. It is ideal for people who are looking to tow heavy loads regularly.

These are mated with an automatic 10-speed that is controlled using the pus-button option on the dashboard along with an AWD or rear-wheel drivetrain. In addition, for people looking for some off-road driving, the AT4 model is also lined for such uses in 2021.

The 5.3L version gives 16 mpg and 20 mpg in cities and on highway respectively; combined it offers 18 mpg which are an improvement than its predecessors. The diesel trim offers even better mileage; 21 mpg and 27 mpg in the city and on the highway respectively. To choose one for yourself it is best to simply visit Watsonville GMC dealer.

Yukon’s interior

Interior made using superior materials and in various color schemes. From base models to luxurious Denali trims, Yukon ensures that every model has an interior that is more than just looks. It offers ample space inside the cabin where 8 people can sit comfortably and still have ample space for cargo.

The Denali trim comes with a wood-trimmed interior along with leather upholstery that is hand-stitched. As mentioned above, cargo space is ample; however, if people want then can simply fold rear seats though it is not available most of the time. This makes it best for the SUV lot when cargo space is compared.

Trims in market

SLE, SLT, AT4, and Denali are the four different versions available on the market for the Yukon 2021. SLE costs $51,995; SLT is priced around $59,095, AT4 costs 66,095, and Denali is priced at $69,695. Denali is for people who want the best of the Yukon 2021 model. People looking for some off-roading can choose the AT4 and buyers who are not looking to spend near $70k can opt for the SLT variant.

So, now that you know why this is the best family hauling, spacious three-row SUV, the real question is when are you booking one for yourself? From the comfortable ride to a powerful engine and more; the 2021 GMC Yukon has it all. Just visit a dealer and talk to them about getting the best deals after taking a test ride of this amazing vehicle in the SUV segment.

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