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VLSI has made the job of making electronic devices easy as its process has combined thousands of transistors on a single chip. Before the invention of Very-large-scale integration, most of the Integrated Circuits could perform limited functions. Whereas an electronic circuit consisted of a CPU, ROM, RAM, and other essential things, a VLSI allowed the placement of all these things on a single chip.

The invention of VLSI came with some advantages like the reduced size of the chips, reduced cost of the devices, an increase in the speed of the circuits, requirement of less power than discrete components, higher reliability, and consumption of lesser space in devices.

Now let us talk about the designing of the VLSIs which is done very cautiously because it is important to complete each step with perfection to get the desired results.

The designing of the front end of VLSI involves-

  • Problem Specification
  • Architecture Definition
  • Functional Design
  • Logic Design
  • Circuit Design
  • Physical Design

And the designing of the back end hardware development involves-

  • Wafer processing
  • Lithography
  • Etching
  • Ion implantation
  • Metallization
  • Assembly and Packaging

All these steps are done carefully in order to avoid any kind of mishappening during the making of the chip and the devices.

Since the development of these chips, the electronic industry has grown a lot and has achieved a lot in just a short period of time. By looking at its advantages and designing it can clearly be seen that the industry will continue to grow with the help of VLSI.

Studying VLSI and specializing in it is a good decision when we know that the industry is still growing and there is a lot of scope in earning well. There are various institutes that are offering the VLSI course to the learners and are covering everything under it that is necessary for them to master in it. They provide the students with theoretical as well as practical knowledge so that they learn well and develop skills that are going to help them a lot in their job.

Those who are willing to see their future in this industry will be imparted with all the technical knowledge and expertise so that they can do their work with perfection. If you are interested in knowing about VLSI designing, you can also find various videos online that are going to help you a lot in understanding the concept better and clearing your doubts.

Once you will complete your course and all its important concepts will become clear to you, you will become a perfect physical design engineer, who knows how to create these chips step-by-step carefully.

It is good to do an internship in this field before you start looking for a job. There a lot of companies providing VLSI internship in Bangalore. Doing an internship will give you the real-life experience of working as a physical designer and will also help you in mastering all the essential skills.

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